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Ports Tracking Shots

Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague, till March 15, 2013

TRAVELLINGS, Scott DUNCAN \ Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague | du 8 février au 15 mars 2013 from Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague on Vimeo.


I was invited by Chantal Dumas to develop a performance around her interactive installation, “Le vivant bruit du corps”. My research led me to learn about Janelle and David, a young couple  whose relationship has struggled on the wires.

20 minute performance, found imagery, text, sound and video, with a text by JAnick Burn. Performance in French.

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David and Janelle –

Cantat-3, the NL-16 submarine cable linking England with the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Canada

Chantal Dumas Le vivant bruit du corps

JAnick Burn


It Takes Two, part one of Conflict Scenes for a New Highway
Nuit Blanche, Ottawa, September 22, 2012
The Rectory House, 179 Murray St. 

Two-screen video installation, 2 mins, HD
It Takes Two is a two-screen video installation of a young man and an older man boxing in an imagined ring on a highway under construction. Each fighter was filmed boxing separately, and instructed to box with their opponent in mind. The project aims to deconstruct physical conflict by separating the fighters and the images that may form the basis of a cinematic fight sequence.  The location provides a backdrop to connect the more personal conflicts of the fighters with those between economic infrastructure and the environment. It Takes Two is the first part of a larger project titled Conflict Scenes for a New Highway, which also includes a remake of the opening highway scene in Pasolini’s The Hawks and the Sparrows.
Extract from It Takes Two

Extract from It Takes Two, first part, Scenes of Conflict for a New Highway from scott duncan on Vimeo.

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It Takes Two, extract (rough cut) and production stills:

Hawks and Sparrows. In performance with Christian Bujold
3 pm, June 4
Pavillon Judith-Jasmin 405, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, local J-R930, Montreal, QC
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Screen shots from Hawks and Sparrows, Pasolini, 1966

On Saturday, I will try to incorporate a performance into Christian Bujold’s exhibit, Corps étranger. I have my own preoccupations and obsessions. Christian and I share a gesture, and perhaps an interest in conflict. Is it violent to insert your art practice into that of another artist?

I drive out to a job site in the outer suburbs, where a four-lane highway is being extended, to take photos. The forest has been cleared, and I stand on a thin layer of gravel that covers the clay. It’s raining. I am wearing sandals and my feet seep through the gravel and get stuck in the mud. Nature gets the upper hand on my project. I leave quickly.

In 1966, Pasolini filmed Toto and Ninetto walking along the Autostrade Azzurra, under construction, in the outer suburbs of Rome, in a film called Hawks and Sparrows. Toto, the father, plays an unscrupulous landlord. Ninetto, the son, a twenty-year old boy who is looking for fun. Toto yells at Ninetto, raises his closed umbrella and threatens to hit him. Ninetto leans toward his father, whispers in his ear, and strokes his face with his hand.

I have taken photos there too. I felt Pasolini’s presence through my feet, as I stood where he had once directed his film. I reached down and touched the earth.

I think of the mythical fights of fathers and sons. I wonder why Pasolini never created a film of Sophocles’ Trachinae, and the dispute between Heracles and Hyllus.


Recent photography

This image is from a series taken in November, 2010, of an imagined fight scene in a technopark in Hull, Québec. The whole series of photos of me were taken by JAnick Burn.

Supply Chain Management at Folie Culture

A video I created in 2007, Supply Chain Management, has been selected as one of the Best of de la minute vidéo Folie/Culture. It will be presented twice during L’art de la marge at the Insitutut Universitaire en Santé Mentale de Québec on November 4, and at the Vidéaste recherché(e) festival at Meduse, in Quebec City from November 17 to 20, 2010.

Supply Chain Management is an extract from a 20-minute tracking shot of Walmart’s Eastern Canadian distribution centre, in Cornwall, ON, called The 400 Doors.

Extract from The 400 Doors — doors 490-465 from scott duncan on Vimeo.

Wakefest August 26-29, 2010

For the third year, I am one of the Wakefest curators, bringing a wide variety of art practices together over the course of a long weekend in Wakefield, Quebec.  In addition to  organizational work for the festival, this year, I helped bring together music and film on the Covered bridge, and brought members of Fait Maison and other young Gatineau artists to perform at Le Moo.  I projected a loosely edited video alongside Bruce Cawdron’s orchestration of In-C, a Terry Riley composition. I also performed with Sophie Castonguay at Le Moo.

Walking in C – 12 minute extract

Walking In-C – Brief Sequence from scott duncan on Vimeo.

I Want to Hear It – in performance with Sophie Castonguay

Port of Rotterdam

Rencontres Internationales Paris Madrid Berlin

Port of Rotterdam will be presented as part of Rencontres Internationales in Madrid, following a presentation in December 2009 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

||||| Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid
||||| New cinema and contemporary art

In Madrid, April 12-21, 2010

Monday April 12th, from 7PM
at the Tabacalera – future National Centre for Visual Arts
Calle Embajadores 53, 28012 Madrid
Free entrance

Here is a brief excerpt from the Port of Rotterdam.

Ports Travelling Shots – Extracts from Rotterdam from scott duncan on Vimeo.